Serenity Consultants and Contractors are committed to business practices, operations, and projects that improve economic, environmental, and societal outcomes. Our comprehensive skills and expertise are a valued resource to clients around the world in support of their sustainability objectives.

Internally, Serenity sustainability practices are being continuously enhanced to help minimize the Company’s environmental footprint, reduce costs, and enrich the work experience of our employees.

The key components of Serenity integrated approach to sustainability include the:

  • Marketplace – where we integrate sustainable solutions into our project work.
  • Environment – reducing the environmental impacts of our internal business operations.
  • Workplace – where we improve the safety, well-being, and satisfaction of our employees and partners.
  • Community – where we strengthen and enhance the communities where we work.

As a recognized leader in sustainable development, Serenity incorporates sustainable design standards into each project we plan, design, and engineer. We apply accepted energy and environmental principles that strike a balance between effective practices and cutting-edge concepts, and our integrated approach assures that designs meet aesthetic and functional goals, while promoting energy efficiency, resource conservation, health, productivity, durability, and a sustainable future.

Serenity provides a technical and scientific basis for sustainability, using modeling and computer simulation to develop effective and economic solutions for integrated environmental design. We focus on the triple bottom line—providing sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment, the community, and the profitability of our clients. Serenity recognizes that when our design solutions minimize impacts to the environment, we serve both our clients and future generations.

Steps we follow:

  • Sustainability Strategy and Planning
  • Integrated Sustainable Design and Construction
  • Energy Conservation
  • Indoor Environment
  • Commissioning and Certification