Commercial construction projects frequently require the ability to construct complex designs in dense, logistically challenging urban environments.

We have delivered some of the commercial Buildings in the Bangalore city, Karnataka. Our construction experts excel at managing complex vertical projects atop and/or adjacent to active mass transit lines, as well as those with innovative environmentally responsible systems.

Our professionals understand the intricacies of building the safest and most efficient commercial spaces possible. Our Emerging Technologies group remains at the forefront of digital modeling, a valuable tool for streamlining the pre-construction, procurement and construction processes. With an unrelenting focus on innovation, a meticulous approach to quality control and innovative building methods that enhance job-site safety, our expertise in this type of construction is without peer.

Our Commercial services focus on:

  • Office complexes
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • commercial complexes
  • Hospitals and healthcares
  • Warehousing and distribution centres
  • Hotels and casinos
  • Multi-unit residential housing developments
  • Industrial
  • Retail/Restaurant